We have two different tutu tutorials.  Cami’s Craft Corner tulle tutu tutorial (this one) and Cami’s Craft Corner fabric tutu tutorial

Make Your Own Tutu!

Materials: Tulle Elastic Rotary Cutter or Sharp Scissors Needle/Thread Okay, we’re going to start with a very important side note. You need tulle for this and you have a decision to make.
Go with easy, precut rolls, or tulle by the yard. I heavily advise you to buy the rolls. Cutting tulle by the yard into 6 inch strips is not fun…like awful. Like, “why on Earth did I decide to do this?!” bad. Rolls are 2.99 at Joann’s and you can use a coupon; I usually need 2.5 rolls.

Okay then.  To start, you want to measure your kid.  Just wrap the elastic around her waist and pin (or clasp with your fingers) where you close your circle.  I go with a real measurement, snug even.  You don’t want it loose because the tulle *may* stretch it a little, depending on how tightly you pack it on.  Stretch it out enough to let the kid step out and escape- her part is done.

Sew the circle, securely.

Next, get your tulle strips ready.  You may be wondering why the pic is of tulle by the yard.  It’s from back before I was “older and wiser” about this… Anyway, first you have to figure out how long you want your skirt to be.  I like for my daughter’s tutus to be about knee length, so I measure from her waist to her knee (about 15 inches), double it, and add one more inch to account for the knot.  So, for my daughter (who’s about a 6/7), I cut 31 inch strips.  Your strips should be 6 inches across, regardless of how long they are.

Fold your first strip in half and position behind elastic, loop side up.

Flip the bottom of the tulle up, over the elastic, and through the loop.

Tighten it the knot a little, easing it around until the tulle is pointing downward.

Tighten the knot a little more, but not enough to bend the elastic.

Continue on, adding new pieces of tulle.  If you’re using multiple colors, put on at least two of one color at a time, so that the colors are distinguished.  Otherwise, they tend to blend too much together.

You can see the separate colors, this way.

As you go along, you may find it helpful to attach your elastic to something.  Just make sure that you don’t stretch out the elastic! You don’t want it to end up too big.

Keep it going and pretty soon you’re done!  This should take about one hour